Thursday, 27 March 2014


I love scotch.
scotchy, scotch, scotch.
here it goes down,
down into my belly......



Boy, that
I mean, that really got
out of hand fast.


You pooped in the refrigerator?
And you ate the whole...
                    wheel of cheese?

Heck, I'm not even mad;
                     that's amazing."


"I look around the career tributes
who are showing off, clearly trying

       to intimidate the field."

"I'm a glass case of

I got a new cologne,
 it's called venom.......

It's pretty much 100% snake venom.


Always make sure that parents
are around when you hug a child.


Hey fat-face! You!
You stay classy!


"When you've got an ass 
like the north star, wise
men are going to
follow it."

 "That Minotaur
 head belongs to
a Minotaur I used 
to know before I
     ripped his
      head off"

"I don't know
 how to put this,
but I'm kind of
 a big deal."

"I am humble.
I mean, really humble,
"hey everyone, come see
how humble I am!"

I'm very important.
I have many leather-bound
books and my apartment
smells of rich mahogany.

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